Three Major Impacts of Social Media on SEO

SEO has become one of the important elements of digital marketing and companies are adopting a plethora of techniques to optimize their websites and increase the traffic. This is because it ensures that their online page attracts more and more visitors and improve its visibility. For past few years, social media has become a significant platform to promote the brand and companies are diverting their attention to utilize these online portals to mark their presence amongst potential buyers. However, various search engines claim that they rarely consider social signals while ranking the websites. Although this relationship between SEO and social media has been a matter of debate amongst experts, it cannot be denied that even the top 10 SEO companies in San Francisco use them to avail benefits. Yet social media sites are used by SEO companies to put their brand on the front of search results. Here are some ways in which online media portals affect SEO. Take a look:

Link sharing
According to a professional working with a renowned SEO company is Boston, links and authority of the website sharing the link have a huge impact on the ranking in Google. Companies can use Facebook, Twitter, etc., to promote their product by posting the link of their content. This will increase the chances of users visiting your page and getting familiar with your brand. However, one significant point that you need to remember is maintaining the quality of your write-up and content so that people share it more with their friends and connections. Hence, the reach of your site will expand, creating the buzz eventually amongst the consumers.

Brand awareness
There is no denying to the fact that social media can create the awareness about the brand by leaps and bounds. When people read and get familiar with your product and company through social networking, they search about it on Google and other search engines which will automatically increase the traffic on your website. Therefore, businesses must focus on their visibility on online portals to get organic searches. With billions of active users on twitter and Facebook, these sites have become a crucial factor to generate brand identity. One tip that you must follow is engage the audience with interesting posts, such as discussions, infographics, questions, comments and reply to their queries and reviews instantly.

Affect local SEO
Local businesses can avail benefit of Google+ to increase their ranking at least in local searches and drive traffic to the websites. Every best SEO company in Forth Worth and other cities have reported that more than 75% of smartphone users opt for mobile searches to look for goods or services near them. Thus, it can be said that geography has a major role in people’s experience and various search engines are paying heed to this. Social media platforms give them an opportunity to look for geographic placements and discuss the company. The more they get engaged with your brand, the more chances you will get noticed by local SERPs. Make sure that information that you provide must match across all the portals.

Despite many opinions and discussions regarding correlation between SEO and social media, we have to accept that latter has become an unavoidable factor for making the former successful.

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