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How To Improve Your Alexa Ranking

According to Alexa Blog, "Your Alexa ranking is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites." But why should you consider improving your Alexa rank? For two reasons:
  1. Advertisers actively look for webmasters that have high Alexa ranks to put their advertisements on.
  2. More people now own smart speakers than ever. And Amazon’s Echo dot leads the smart speakers market.

Experts from Best SEO company Los Angeles say that people are in love with voice search and smart speakers. More people now look up to them when it comes to search for businesses, especially the local ones. So if you too are looking for improved Alexa rankings to improve your business search rankings, then here are the top 5 tips on how to achieve that.

Get Your WebSite’s metrics Alexa Certified
Getting your website certified by Alexa simply means to install an Alexa certify code on your website. Alexa uses this code to directly measure your website’s performance metrics directly.

Optimize For Mobile Devices
Top SEO companies in Memphis say, and data backs there claim, that mobile search has already surpassed the desktop ones. And Alexa only reads back the one top answer that appears in the top results, unlike Google Home that reads back the top 3. So you have to be the best when it comes to Alexa.Using long tail keywords, natural and regional keywords that people use around you, and getting your business certified by Google’s My Business can be some of the good options to help you optimize your website for mobile devices.

Install Alexa Toolbar
Installing an Alexa toolbar on your official website sends yours hits to Alexa servers to get your required website Alexa rank. And after your website reaches a rank less than 100,000 advertisers will take your website seriously.

Write Great Content
Writing great content is an important part of SEO. And though people at Alexa have never identified themselves officially with other search engine raking systems, it has been proven many times that your search engine ranking helps you gain an improved Alexa ranking. And writing great content is always considered as an important strategy as far as Google SEO is concerned.

Optimize For Local SEO
Best SEO company Los Angeles advise that if anyone runs a local business, like a restaurant or hardware store, then optimizing for local SEO might be a good option to get improved Alexa rankings. As the majority of voice searches are local queries. Other than fulfilling all the criteria of Google My Business, running a blog on your website, getting backlinks from and other non-competing business can prove to some good options for powering-up your local SEO.

Top SEO companies in Memphis say that while optimizing for Alexa one shouldn’t forget about other voice agents like Google Home, Siri, and Cortana. As in today’s voice search era, if anything that’s more important to your business than Google’s SEO, then it surely is voice search optimization.

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Trends to Look out for in 2019

As a person who works in the land of search engine optimization, it is necessary that you learn and introducer innovative tactics in order to stay ahead in the competition. Because the competition has increased so much, it becomes even more important for us to keep up with the growing and ever changing technology.

Ensuring that a business appears on the first page of the search engine- be it real estate agent seo or dental seo, it sounds like a job that is too easy. It is important to keep up with the algorithm updates, techniques and technologies and use it in such a manner that the first page is that the business shows up in top results.
Because trends keep changing constantly, it is important for us to realize that there is a strong possibility that what worked in 2017 would not work in 2018. Here are some predictions that might take your seo through the roof:

Image and video search
We have all heard about the attention span of a human decreasing to fourteen seconds, something that is shorter than that of a fish. In this case, images and videos come to your rescue. Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram encourage visual content. With the improved speed of the internet and a rise in advancement in the drive to produce visual content, a number of businesses including start ups have started using visual content in order to have people be engaged as well as use them for SEO strategy.

Importance of knowledge graph
An important part of Google’s search strategy search engine rankings is to feature snippets. The advantage of these featured snippets is that users can be provided with exactly what they are looking for through their search queries. The snippets are no longer that relevant thanks to the knowledge graphs that are available in form of boxes on the top of the results page. These knowledge graph boxes are equivalent to answers that are found all over the internet and are incredibly helpful to the users.

Impact of Voice Search
By now, you might have heard of smart speakers like Alexa and Google that have come into a lot of American homes by now. The smart speaker sales in 2017 itself had skyrocketed by a lot. This year, the newer models that are to be unveiled have people excited, especially the ones that have had a taste of this experience before. Users have found to love that these smart speakers operate by voice and make searching for things online so much easier. This also makes them feel more connected. With all the advancements taking place, you can expect an improvisation in the form of queries across the SERPs soon enough.

Results that are Personalized
Google has always emphasized on the importance of having personalized search result pages. There are details like cookies, individual search histories etc that were previously used to personalize the results for searchers. Soon there will be improvisations in the results in such a manner that not only are the results improvised enough to give the users what they want, but are also accurate enough to have your queries satisfied.

Whether it is SEO services for law firms or for restaurants, these trends will definitely affect each one of the local business.

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What is SMO? How to make most out of it to boost your sales?

Social Media Optimization or SMO uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Musical.ly, other video sharing and blogging websites to generate publicity and create awareness for a product. The aim behind SMO is to create interesting online content that engages users and prompts them to check out the product and at least contemplate buying it. It is easy for big businesses to garner viewer attention and ask them to buy things because of the huge following. The problem, however, is for smaller businesses that are still struggling to find a loyal customer base that will buy at little prompting.

Some easy ways of boosting your sales with the help of SMO or social media optimization are-

#1 Linking Website to Social Media
The site architecture should be such that it is user friendly and easily accessible through social media platforms. The options of "Buy Now" that pop up when you see sponsored articles are an easy way of linking your advertised products to be bought. Any social media profile that has websites associated with it are likely to have more credibility than a profile with none would.

#2 Consistent Presence
With the fast pace at which things work these days, it is easy to be a forgotten brand if your presence is not imposing on social media. One needs to be consistent with posting everyday while making sure that there is appropriate amount of engagement. Any profile that becomes popular on, say Instagram has a minimum of 100,000 followers and about 1000 posts. Depending on the location from where the posts are being made, SMO is easily possible if a constant effort is being made towards the same.

#3 Use SEO Keywords in Social Media
Keywords play an important role in optimizing your social media profiles to maximize exposure for them. An effective use of keyword phrases will definitely help you rank better on Google and with the social network platforms.

#4 Be Interactive
Social Media Optimization is only possible when you make sure that your page has a constant flurry of activity, be it comments, tags, likes, or shares. The purpose of these platforms is to build relationships which in turn makes your social media page relevant and brings in more footfall. The more engagement there is, the more likely your profile is to be featured by search engines.

Final Thoughts
As people spend more and more time interacting and discovering things on social media, it seems only obvious that you use the platform as an agency to promote your products and gain way more traction than you would the traditional way.

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SEO software: The contemporary solution apparatus for businesses

Businesses confide their outlook and agility to achieve success. But what is the point of these all if a business fails in striking a prominent visibility to its potential customers? After all according to the modern day market metrics the business which makes the maximum moves at a minimum budget manages to stand out from the crowd with some extra edge at its operational dynamics.

There are several shortcuts to success for sure but your business must not confuse it with short term planning for success. There are numerous ways through which a business can attract success and one of the most prominent of the ways is to say a ‘Yes’ to the services of SEO.

SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization is a way of optimizing websites for captivating the attention of potential customers for a particular brand. This activity is measurable and the more the processes of SEO get repeated, the more they denote to the search engines that a particular page has the potential to have a place in Google's index.

SEO is a promising process and in order to make it more fruitful, several software's have come up. The best SEO ranking software simplifies the SEO processes which in return saves a lot of time for the business. Let us identify several more features of the best SEO software.
  • The one which helps in the identification, analysis and organizing process of keywords thus encouraging strategies to be constructed around them is a good SEO software. It motivates organic search rankings.
  • The best software for SEO streamlines and facilitates content upsurge, link construction, backlink analysis and more. Different types of SEO software have different features.

The benefits generated by the best SEO software for small business are several. Let us have a look at them all:

It inspires
When a businessman witnesses growth even in spoonful measures, a gust of motivation to perform better pops up. This impact of this motivation eventually reflects on the profit & sales graph of the organization.

Suggestion master
Based on fame and applicability, the top SEO software suggests SEO topics to the business. The aim of this tool is to make it a point to keep a website worthy enough in the eyes of the merciless and competitive market. This even predicts the trending topics that can turn the table for any business in just a matter of few practical hours.

SEO pulls out a list of lucrative keywords but with the support and intelligence of the SEO software, a structured list is generated for achieving the organizational goals. In this list it is easier to differentiate high value group from the secondary group. This infuses exactitude in planning organic search campaigns without getting stuck at either a full-scale strategy or at an exploratory strategy, specifically designed to overpower competitors.

Fosters traffic
Attracting traffic through the SEO is a necessity for any business. Even if the business does not have an e-commerce site. Through the SEO software, there have been a revolution in the way SEO works. This is the reason why a business must try its hands on some SEO software.x

Now, you are not required to invest huge sums of money into any SEO services. With little bit SEO knowledge and practice along with the best SEO ranking software, you to can skyrocket your business in no time.

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List Of Tools To Assist In Your Seo Checking Process

Be it a newcomer in SEO or an experienced website holder. For checking the health of the website or making your campaign refreshed, it is vital to do regular SEO audit in your website. If you have complex campaign which is already in full swing of work, SEO checking becomes really difficult.
However, getting the SEO checking done is a vital component to identify areas of concern and make considerate improvement to make the website campaign flawless and successful.

In this post we will discuss some of the tools which helps in performing SEO checkups

Keyword research
The arena of digital marketing is getting complex with each passing day, thanks to voice search, RankBrain,content marketing and several others. This growing competition has somewhat started questioning the importance of keyword in the digital platforms. However, SEO consultants still gives a lot of emphasis on high value targeted keywords by clients and management. A strong keyword search is highly valuable for a comprehensive and conversion driven campaign.

The nature of the queries by searchers differ with each passing of time, therefore, it becomes really important to keep on auditing keyword that provide value to your clients. In this direction, Google Keyword planner can be really helpful. In case you don’t want your campaign based solely on keywords, you can make focus on providing valuable solution and value that you can provide the client. This way you can analyse the actual objective of your campaign and track the success. Use the analytics data to see whether the campaign is performing according to original strategy.

Indicative metrics
Having indicative metrics can give to you a lot of relief in terms of incremental improvement of campaign. This metrics gives you easily digested statistics to go ahead with SEO checking process. The most popular indicative metrics used by the industry is Moz and Majestic.

Moz’s open site explorer
Domain authority is the most important and popular metrics provided by Moz’s open site explorer, giving score between 0-100. As per the factors taken by the moz open site explorer, a website with high DA will get higher rank in search. Moz also provide page authority which is really useful for landing or category page of the website.

Majestic as similar to Moz provide two important metrics i.e trust flow and citation flow. These metrics provide qualitative and quantitative of linking domain and are potentially useful for checkup as per the specific nature of the metrics. Majestic helps to deeply breakdown link factors which allow users to get the health of website backlink profile easily.

Pingdom, GTmetrix and pagespeed metrics
With the Google’s mobile first indexing, the loading time of a website has got even more importance. A slowly loading website will not only lower the ranking but also lower the conversion rate, leading to poor user experience. Any SEO checkup is incomplete with checking the loading speed of the website. There are several tools available, however, Google’s pagespeed insight is much effective.
Target your loading time issues by using tools like Pingdom website speed test or GT metrics.

Consumer research
The tools mentioned above gives a complete view about your website SEO’s health. This help you to begin with forms or re access the foundation laid for campaigns. However apart from these, getting users insight about the website provide a deep understanding about the need and preference of your targeted users. This insight will provide you enough opportunity to bring high conversion.

Google analytics and search console
Atlanta SEO company experts suggest that the success of a campaign can be accessed by its conversion level, therefore, it is important to measure it correctly. The data obtained from Google analytics has a positive influence on SEO campaigns.

Content analysis
Marketers invest a considerate amount of time to create a content which is exceptional. However, the problem arises while one content is created, writers moves to another one. Make sure your content is made by complete fresh content or you can use audit option to refresh the existing ones by:
Analysing the valuable content piece which has been successful and improving the under performing content. Your underperforming content should be given adequate focus on value preposition or may be the site is lacking.

User flow
Ranking of keywords is a very small part of a big game for measuring the SEO success. Conversion is the real metrics which cannot be achieved without a clear user flow. The user flow within the Google analytics showcases the entry and exit pages as well as main flow from page to page.

It should be understood that for analysing each steps of SEO, there are many tools which are available for each step of the process. The ones which are listed above can help you start with your analysis in the most easiest way.

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Top 6 Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is considered one of the most valuable parts of your overall marketing campaign. It is an important element to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.there are several compelling benefits of PPC advertising which is extremely beneficial for the growth of your business. Pay-per-click offers quick entry for the starters and the results are also easy to measure and track.

You can choose the best PPC management company for your business because PPC has a major and positive impact on businesses and brands. Pay-per-click marketing is useful for your business. Some of the important benefits of PPC are:

  • It can help you to achieve business goals and objectives. This is one of the most compelling benefits of PPC. It is a powerful tool for marketing and any type of conversion goal can be tracked. It can be a good value for money and you can also get the instant results. It is one of the fastest ways to achieve the goals and objectives of the business.
  • The major benefit of PPC advertising is that it is easy to measure and track. You can see the performance of the PPC campaign. You can even see the high-level performance details which include impressions, clicks and conversions. The major benefit is that you can measure anything that is related to a pay-per-click campaign.
  • It can lead to quick entry. You get the advantage of targetting the people who are not aware of the brand as you are not only limited to the existing followers. It helps you to build a strong web presence but always remembers that PPC should not be the sole foundation of your web presence.
  • PPC also works well with other marketing channels. Seo and PPC work well together as it can create good impression and opportunities for the users. Hire the best SEO and PPC management company for the growth of your business. Search engine users tend to use Google to find the information, services and the products. You can shift away from traditional marketing methods and can provide real-time data and have better tracking.
  • It has many targeting options and many advertisers also take a multi-layered approach in AdWords. You can reach the wide range of targeted audience. You can even choose where and when your ads will appear, which can be based on factors including keywords, location, website and many more. Best PPC management company provides you with the great services and the flexibility makes it more popular.
  • PPC campaigns use the relevant and informative keywords. People who are searching for those keywords will be able to see your ads. It helps in brand recognition. It is important to remember that general keywords will not generate more sales but it can help to create brand awareness.

These are some of the benefits of PPC advertising. It has the ability to generate fast results. There are several SEO and PPC management companies which are working together in harmony for the best possible results. These two are the major component of digital marketing.

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How to Grow Your Law Firm with the help of SEO?

It is extremely important to understand the true meaning of Search Engine Optimization. Attorney SEO is gaining a lot of popularity as it involves strategies and techniques that can help to attract the clients to the website of a law firm. It can help to improve the online visibility on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Choose one of the best SEO companies for lawyers as it will build strong credibility and trust.

Search Engine Optimization is establishing a strong foundation for the beautiful website and create an effective user experience. It is a long-term strategy and it is the practice of optimizing your website. It focuses on off-site and on-site elements of a website so that it can rank well in the search results. There are different tactics by Search Engine Optimization because it is important to follow rules and regulations for lawyer SEO services. The attorney needs to be careful while representing their firms online. There are some penalties that state bar association can impose on law firms. Here are some of the tips which can help your website to rank higher in search engines.
  • Keyword research is the most important for an attorney before optimizing a website. The keywords and keyphrases should have decent search volumes. The key is to the most appropriate keywords, people are searching.
  • Content is one of the Google’s top ranking factors in search results. It has the ability to built a good reputation of the website. Your content should be informative and valuable for the users to make sure that your content should be well researched and well written.
  • A call to action on any website is very important as it is an additional strategy. The phone number should be on every page of the website. Always remember that there should be always more than one method for contacting the law firm. So make sure that you provide multiple ways so that visitors can reach you.
  • Link building is also one of the top factors. It is the best way to make the pages rank in the search engines. The greater the number of high-quality links there will be more chances that the site will rank higher in the search engines.

These are the factors which can help you grow your law firm with the help of Search Engine Optimization. Choose the best SEO company for lawyers because every business can only benefit from greater visibility in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization for law firm websites is also necessary because it is important to understand that there is a strategy for all legal firms vary greatly. It is important to focus on white hat tactics that will help to improve the online visibility of the website. Lawyer SEO services are unique and it is necessary for you to follow the rules and regulations. Another aspect is that the content needs to be drafted by legal professionals. So hire the SEO company to improve the quality and quantity of traffic.

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Why is SEO Extremely Essential For Your Company?

Needless to say, the SEO is an essential factor not just for your company but also for your potential clients, business partners and stakeholders. In this post, we will focus on the main points to justify how SEO offers immense value to the company. SEO basically helps in:
  • Providing the users with a better experience.
  • Building a stronger brand
  • Contributes to the bottom line for so long

Let's have a look at all these key points in detail.

#1. Provides the user with a better experience
  1. SEO is never easy. It requires lots of efforts and resources to achieve the desired results. It is no secret that SEO industry is constantly changing and adjusting the strategies is essential for every business.
  2. Google has already shared a lot of information to determine the position of our website in organic search and consider various factors as ranking signals, including dwell time, time on site, pages viewed per session, and page load speed.
  3. SEO company in Ahmedabad says it is essential to focus on improving the user experience through new technologies, as Google is constantly evolving to align better with user behaviour.
  4. Understanding Technical SEO is important as it helps in supporting UX, development, and engineering teams.

#2. SEO Helps Building Stronger Brand
  1. Not just a technical side, SEO is also an important marketing channel. Usually, the most of the efforts focused on building the authority of domains. It is essential to have a strong understanding of how Google understand the content of the website and that's why identifying the target audience and content creation strategy is essential to set the brand apart from every other brand. Having an expert who knows how to pull the visitors is absolutely an asset to any company.
  2. SEO professionals know what content is being searched and where to focus on conducting an in-depth keyword research.
  3. A keyword focused content strategy allow the business to appear as an expert. Because when a business appears enough time in front of the audience, it is seen as the trustworthy source and thus, creates loyalty among them. If the researchers get exactly what they are looking for and enjoyed the content in a first run, more are the chances that they will visit the site again to get more content. The more often they visit the site, the better brand your brand will become!

#3. SEO provides a long-term success
  1. SEOs know the difficulty level and ranking high for that difficult word is sure to attract maximum traffic is as long as it retains that position. Though it requires a lot of efforts to rank for those keywords.
  2. SEO company in Bhopal says it is important to target the long-tail keywords as it offers the wide range of opportunities to deliver steady traffic to your clients for a longer period of time.
  3. Long-tail keywords help in creating engaging content and allow people to trust the organic result, instead of the paid ad results
  4. It definitely needs an expert who has a lot of skills and clear understanding of how to communicate with Google algorithms to help helps businesses gain new customers before anyone else.

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How To Get A Robus SEO Strategies On Limited Budget?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of small businesses and startups. But this could be more pressurized if you have a tight budget for marketing strategy as compared to your competitors.

Although there is no tactic which could set your business apart from your mega-corporation competitors, as they have spent millions of bucks and invest decades of time to reach there. However, there are proven methods which could help you to increase your online visibility even on a tight budget.

Even if you are offering best local SEO services in your area, you can build your presence just with a right SEO strategy, time and resources. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you need to use your effective SEO strategy that delivers maximum ROI.

Let's check out the specific actions to grow your online business, without the need of investing lots of money.

#1. Create Long-Tail Keywords
Your customers are looking for the precise answer to their queries, without wasting their time. That's why you need to focus on your customers want while building your SEO strategy. The essential aspect of such strategy is to focus on the long-tail keywords instead of the general words.

Long-tail keywords are very specific and more accurate than the common search variations. It also includes other benefits like it involve less competition as compared to general keywords and are more relevant to the searches. Targeting the user intent increases the chances of leading more conversions

#2. Create quality posts & guest blogs
Guest blogs are a great way to acquire new audience by providing them with the right information and generate backlinks. Top 10 SEO Company suggests that as far as you are generating the quality content, you are on the right track.

Another advantage of guest blogging is, it is an inexpensive way to generate backlinks and get the new audience on a shortening budget. Though you need to perform certain tasks, such as:
  • Research your industry and learn about the relevant sites which publish the guest blog.
  • Produce quality content as per the users requirement.
#3. Local Optimization
If you are planning to rank globally, it will take lots of time, as the large companies are working from decades and invested tons of dollars. Instead of focusing the whole world, consider focussing on the local market because dominating domestic market will provide you with higher ROI.

If you are looking to build the strong online presence, Local SEO is the perfect option for you. Local SEO requires three essential steps to be followed, including:

i) Set up Google My Business and Local SEO Accounts
If you haven't a Google My Business Account yet, set up a one for you. It's a directory that will help the user to locate you on the search result. This will also enhance your local SEO efforts by:
  • Displaying your business on Google search results and Google Maps.
  • Setting up multiple locations.
  • Upload videos and pictures.
  • Highlight reviews from past customers.
  • Build a loyal fan base.

ii) Generate Local Reviews
Reviews are the backbone of your SEO strategy as it helps a lot in improving the online presence of the business. It is actually a social proof that removes the nervousness of your potential customers to avail your products and services. Reviews help in:
  • Show that your business is trustworthy build a positive reputation.
  • Increase exposure.

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Three Major Impacts of Social Media on SEO

SEO has become one of the important elements of digital marketing and companies are adopting a plethora of techniques to optimize their websites and increase the traffic. This is because it ensures that their online page attracts more and more visitors and improve its visibility. For past few years, social media has become a significant platform to promote the brand and companies are diverting their attention to utilize these online portals to mark their presence amongst potential buyers. However, various search engines claim that they rarely consider social signals while ranking the websites. Although this relationship between SEO and social media has been a matter of debate amongst experts, it cannot be denied that even the top 10 SEO companies in San Francisco use them to avail benefits. Yet social media sites are used by SEO companies to put their brand on the front of search results. Here are some ways in which online media portals affect SEO. Take a look:

Link sharing
According to a professional working with a renowned SEO company is Boston, links and authority of the website sharing the link have a huge impact on the ranking in Google. Companies can use Facebook, Twitter, etc., to promote their product by posting the link of their content. This will increase the chances of users visiting your page and getting familiar with your brand. However, one significant point that you need to remember is maintaining the quality of your write-up and content so that people share it more with their friends and connections. Hence, the reach of your site will expand, creating the buzz eventually amongst the consumers.

Brand awareness
There is no denying to the fact that social media can create the awareness about the brand by leaps and bounds. When people read and get familiar with your product and company through social networking, they search about it on Google and other search engines which will automatically increase the traffic on your website. Therefore, businesses must focus on their visibility on online portals to get organic searches. With billions of active users on twitter and Facebook, these sites have become a crucial factor to generate brand identity. One tip that you must follow is engage the audience with interesting posts, such as discussions, infographics, questions, comments and reply to their queries and reviews instantly.

Affect local SEO
Local businesses can avail benefit of Google+ to increase their ranking at least in local searches and drive traffic to the websites. Every best SEO company in Forth Worth and other cities have reported that more than 75% of smartphone users opt for mobile searches to look for goods or services near them. Thus, it can be said that geography has a major role in people’s experience and various search engines are paying heed to this. Social media platforms give them an opportunity to look for geographic placements and discuss the company. The more they get engaged with your brand, the more chances you will get noticed by local SERPs. Make sure that information that you provide must match across all the portals.

Despite many opinions and discussions regarding correlation between SEO and social media, we have to accept that latter has become an unavoidable factor for making the former successful.

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